My name is Jonas Andersen and am currently working as a specialist at Technological Institute in Aarhus. My main areas and projects are concerning the up-scaling and improvement of growing insect biomass on a large scale. A lot of my focus is regarding the temperature, food composition and availability.

My higher education started at Aarhus University in 2005. I finished my bachelor 2008 hereafter I started my Masters. I was lucky enough to end up doing my masters projects at the department of Zoophysiology at Aarhus University under the supervision of Tobias Wang from 2010 to Nov. 2011. My project was on in vivo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) real time blood flow measurements in digesting snakes. During that year, with the help of Steffen Ringgaard and the MRI research center, Aarhus University hospital, Skejby, I got comfortable with scanning techniques, specifically MRI and CT scans, visualizing blood vessels in snakes and various other deceased animals, using different contrast agencies.

After handing in my Master thesis, I was approached by Johannes Ovargaard who at the time had received a Sapere Aude start-up grant. He offered me a position as a PhD student granted that I could obtain 1/3 of my salary from the Graduate School of Science and Technology. After one initial rejection of my application the Graduate School granted me the money in the second round of applications. I then started my PHD in May 2012 investigating the ion and water balance in insects in relation to cold. I handed in my PhD Thesis in April 2015, and the defense takes place in July, in the meantime Johannes hired me, shortly, as a scientific assistant to round up my work, help out with experiments and make tutorials of the techniques I aquired over the past years.